Specialising in: South Australian Family History Research
also other States & Territories in Australia & also the United Kingdom

      After 35 years plus of research into my own family lines both paternal and maternal I have also watched many other people go about trying to research and find out about their own family in one bizarre way or another.
The most common mistakes that people make is jumping generations in the course of their research, assuming that what grandma told them about their ancestors was always true when it was plainly not, thinking that their name was always spelt the same way, and that the family line was always a particular religion or not even knowing what religion they were at all.


These days when I am researching family histories for myself or other people - I always stick to my own tried and true rules of research in my approach to assembling any information about a particular family tree, family line, or family person.

  There is no right way or wrong way to research your family history! 
But there is a time consuming slow laborious way
A structured style of research that produces quick accurate results!

Without exception my 10 rules of research are:

keep it simple
work from the known to the unknown
don't jump a generation assuming its right
don't guess or assume
research each generation laterally joining each sibling to a like parent
don't use other peoples research off any web site - its normally got errors in it - if you do Check it thoroughly
listen to what grandma told you about her ancestors - then go and check every bit of it with primary source documents to see if it is fact or just a story
make a reference note to every document you find and use in your research where ever it comes from
use primary source records if they exist or can be obtained (even if i have to buy them) and copy everything written on it
use secondary source records where no primary records are available

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